Rebecca Wells, MA

Senior Archaeologist

Rebecca Wells  has been involved with academic archaeology and cultural resource management for over 23 years. She received her Bachelors at University of New Mexico and Masters at University of Florida. Ms. Wells has participated in surveys and excavations as everything from volunteer to project manager throughout the state of New Mexico and other national and international locations. She has presented several papers at regional and national conferences and has written or contributed to more than two dozen reports. She has worked with DCRM on surveys throughout the Navajo Nation since 2019. Rebecca, while not Dine herself, has strong family ties through her daughter who is born for Zuni Clan Naasht' ézhi Dine'é and her nali is Kinłichiii'nii. Rebecca also used to live in Bloomfield and worked at Aztec Ruins National Historic Monument, and has been studying the Navajo language over the years. She currently lives in and works from Albuquerque