Location and Contact Information

Dinétahdóó CRM is located within the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) Industrial Complex. We are situated within the Huerfano Navajo Chapter in the Eastern Navajo Agency on Navajo Nation Tribal Trust Lands. We can be contacted via several methods.


Our physical address is: 10076 US Highway 371

                                            Farmington, NM



Our mailing address is:   P.O. Box 2012

                                            Farmington, NM



The fastest way to contact our office is by e-mail or telephone.


Our e-mail address is: saanii@dinetahdoo.com


Our telephone number is: (505) 960-9478


Our fax number is: (505) 960-9479


To send us an e-mail directly from our website,please use the spaces provided below. We check our e-mail periodically and try to answer our e-mails in a timely manner

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This is a satellite view of our office location. Note that we are situated southwest of the NAPI headquarters building and east of the Raytheon Complex.

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