Dinétahdóó Cultural Resources Management  is a Navajo American Owned & Operated Anthropology & Archaeological firm dedicated to protecting and preserving Navajo heritage and history as well as other resources of historical importance. DCRM strives to provide high quality results to a multitude of entities in the public and private sectors.

Areas of Service


Dinétahdóó Cultural Resources Management conducts archaeological surveys primarily on Navajo Nation Trust Lands including Alamo, Tohajilee, and Ramah. In addition, we perform surveys on Navajo Allotted Lands and is permitted to conduct archaeological surveys on Private, Federal, and State owned lands in the Southwest.



Dinétahdóó Cultural Resources Management is located within the Eastern Navajo Agency under the Huerfano Chapter area. Our office is five (5) miles south of Farmington, New Mexico on Highway 371. We are south of the Main NAPI Headquarters in the NAPI Industrial Park Complex.

Office hours vary.  In case you missed us, please email: dinetahdoo@yahoo.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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